Tuesday, May 8, 2012


...almost time to go!

I'm exhausted as hell right now. Had an extremely long and busy day at work today, followed by a very late dinner so I technically should be off to bed. Instead, I'm finalizing my packing.

I decided to take the smallest suitcase possible after starting with my largest suitcase and only using a third of the space in it. It's as light as air and will be great to travel with! My carry-on, however, is extremely heavy. With my camera, laptop, journal, and accessories, it's truly ready for any adventure.

Is it weird that as much as I love to go, I hate to leave? Saying goodbye to routines and habits are great but what kinda fun will I miss? Then again, how much more fun will I experience being away? I will find out soon enough!

Anyways, would love to chat more but I have lots to do tonight. My kitchen is a mess and there are many guide books and language apps to be downloaded.

See you at the airport!

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