Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10:45PM - Barcelona : Day 6

If only these shoes could talk, they'd probably tell me to stop walking.

The miles I've covered in these shoes so far is incredible. The amount of stairs I've climbed in these shoes was unexpected. Staircases are prominent here whether it's in the metro stations, the museums, the monuments - no wonder Europeans don't gain any weight eating the delicious (calorie-ridden) food they have here. All they do is walk, climb stairs, and cycle. Rental bikes are huge too. They're everywhere.

It was my 2nd day in Barcelona and it was mostly spent outside, finding the museums I wanted to visit. Getting lost - yet again - I walked around in circles a lot. Even with a compass and map in hand. I have to laugh at myself. Why is it so difficult?! I seem to get disoriented when I come out of the metro stations so I end up going in the wrong direction 90% of the time or I'm going the right way but doubt myself, turn back, to realize down the road I was actually going the right way to begin with. I've done that too many times to count. Everything looks the same around here, I swear. Maybe it's just an unfamiliarity. Or because all of the alleyways are actually roads. Or because all the round-about's and three-way streets. Or, maybe I just SUCK at directions.

After I got my barrings, I visited the museums I wanted to see and missed one I really wanted to see since I thought it was one that was closed on Tuesdays. I pressed on though strolling the Ramblas, watching the performance artists, browsing the market, stopping at the wax museum on a whim, and having a bite to eat along the way. Overall it was a pretty relaxed day, even though I did just as many things. For dinner, I stopped at a tapas bar where one of the waiters swore I was French - even though I was speaking English to him. That's the second person who thought I was from France. Someone in Paris actually told me they thought I was French by how I spoke the language. I only said one sentence but hey, I'll take the compliment :) I felt pretty "at home" in Paris so maybe I'm bringing a bit of that energy with me.

But so far I haven't had much dialogue with many. Came across a few Canadians and Americans but nothing of real significance. I feel like I haven't talked to anyone since I got here - like I'm a mute or something. It can feel a little isolating but I'm hoping my full day train ride to Milan tomorrow will inspire some conversation.

Off to bed I go. I have an early start!

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