Thursday, May 17, 2012

7:30PM - Milan : Day 8

When I advertised my itinerary to my friends, a few of them asked me, "Why are you going to Milan?" I now understand why they asked. There's not as much to do here as I originally thought. The only thing I really had booked was the Last Supper and the rest of the time was left for me to explore and be spontaneous. But since I was unsure as to what to explore, most of my morning was spent figuring that out.

After my cappuccino and croissant this morning, I went back to my hotel to grab a few pamphlets that tickled my fancy, a metro pass from reception, and a map of the stations and attractions. I circled the places I wanted to check out and headed off for the day.

Went to the Plaza del Duomo and spent a bit of time admiring the Cathedral and strolled into the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II where I took a spin on the bulls balls. It is rumoured to be good luck!

After which I had the most expensive lunch of my life; Caprese salad complete with buffalo mozzarella, a bottled water (since they didn't have tap water), and a very LARGE cappuccino. 35€ later...yea like I said, most expensive lunch EVER! I blame the cute Italian waiter who served me. I'm such a sucker!... And hooked on cappuccinos! For a girl who hardly ever drank coffee, I have suddenly found myself craving one for breakfast and after dinner. I blame Peter...and the Europeans.

I wandered for the rest of the afternoon, went to the laundromat, and did some research online to figure out what the HELL else to do! There was a DaVinci exhibit (the Codex Atlanticus) at the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana so I HAD to go. I also read there was a great place called Luini's where they made the BEST panzerotti's so I checked that out too. It's like a calzone but made with a sweet-type of pizza bread. You can get it in a savory flavours as well as sweet. I had the mozza & prosciutto and it was absolutely delicious!! It was a cheap dinner since I completely splurged on lunch.

I had an interesting conversation with a man about religion on the metro in my travels today. He was dressed in a black suit with a black shirt so I assume he may have been a priest but I wasn't sure. He initially asked me a question in Italian, asking me for directions since I recognized a name of one of the stations, but of course I didn't understand him completely so I spoke to him in English. We started chatting about where I was from and he shared his adoration for Canada; The freedom and open-mindedness of the people, the acceptance of all religions and backgrounds, as well as its beauty. He went on to to ask me if I was married and why I didn't believe in God - per se. Two heavy questions that were too deep to discuss in a crowded train car. I get the sense that most people here are quite religious with all of the churches, cathedrals, and the like so I strayed from the conversation by saying, "Ah, two eternal questions to which I don't have answers for." He laughed and told me, "You need a foundation in your life. Whether you believe in God or a higher power." I smiled politely and said "Yea, I get that." Unfortunately we couldn't get into it further as I had arrived at my stop so he shook my hand, introduced himself as Mike, and I carried on my way.

Run-ins like this freak me out but interest me at the same time. Especially at a time in my life where I feel my belief system is broken and am not sure if it will ever be restored. But maybe it's not a matter of restoring it. Maybe it's more about building it back up, transforming it into something more unique, something better suited, something much stronger than what one started with? I like to believe there are no coincidences in life and that everything has a purpose, whether we know it or not so I guess I can't say I don't have any belief left in me. It might just be a matter of fanning the flame.

As the bells from the church down the street trickle in through my hotel room window, I can't help but think, 'what a fabulous place to do just that'.

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