Saturday, May 26, 2012

11:30PM - Rome : Day 17

There is a perk to sticking around your hotel room at night; Getting a beautiful view of the Dome of St. Peter's Basilica from your hotel room.

Earlier this evening, I grabbed some pizza for dinner, brought it back to my room, threw on a movie, and relaxed for the rest of the night. I also did some apartment hunting. Yes I'm moving to Vancouver when I get back! 

Why? Well, this trip made me realize a few things....

1) I really do hate commuting
My favourite cities in Europe were the ones that I could step out of my hotel/B&B and be a 5 minute walk from anywhere I wanted to go; restaurants, shopping, markets, museums, transit. I loved strolling and knowing that I didn't have to work in a commute time into my day/night. I didn't have to worry about making the train home or worry about late night bus schedules. It was very freeing.

2) New city, new opportunity
With each city I've visited here, I have had to bend, flex, shift, and adjust in order to make things work, to figure things out, to find my way. And I think I've done quite well so adjusting to Vancouver living shouldn't be all that different. More importantly though, had I stayed in one place, I would have never met the people I did, seen the sights I saw, get a taste for different foods, and experience the richness of each language. Moving to Vancouver will not only be a piece of cake in comparison but with it will bring a whole new chapter in life with new opportunities; Just like each European city I've visited. 

3) There's never a perfect time for change
I guess I had been waiting for something to happen for me to have a reason to move to Vancouver. I hate moving. It's such a hassle and it's expensive...bla bla bla. Excuses? Probably. As creatures of habit & routine, we hate change and tend to stick with what works and what's comfortable. Where I live now, was exactly that. Being out of my comfort zone for a little over 2 weeks has made me come to realize that there is no such thing as a comfort zone. It's all relative. Kinda like "home is where the heart is". So whether I'm in a city in Europe or Vancouver, it really makes no difference. Vancouver is where I work, where I play, and somewhere I've always wanted to live. I have the means and the opportunity to move there so why the hell am I not doing it? Why am I waiting for that "perfect" moment to make that move? If there's any "perfect" moment in my life, it's now. Carpe diem!

So there ya have it. An evening in my hotel room and a world of thought. Just for the record though, these realizations didn't ALL happen tonight.

After all, Rome wasn't built in a day!

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