Saturday, May 19, 2012

8:30PM : Milan to Venice - Day 10

I arrived in Venice this afternoon after a 2.5-hour train ride from Milan. When I stepped out of the station I wasn't expecting throngs of people. Yikes! It was overwhelming and I didn't really like all the dodging and weaving I had to do to navigate the streets.

The actual city, on the other hand, is beautiful! Bridges, canals, and no cars but lots of boats which act as buses. No underground metro here!

After I got to my B&B, I settled in and went for a stroll to figure out where things were so I could hit them up first thing tomorrow. I also stopped at a pasta place for dinner where I had the best vegetarian lasagna. Italian waiters though...I tell ya! They make them very cute and sweet here! Luckily I didn't get suckered into another expensive meal but I did, however, enjoy a cappuccino with cocoa powder in the shape of a heart for dessert. I think it's their "thing" but never-the-less, I couldn't help but smile.

On my way back to my B&B, I inquired about a gondola ride for one and was given a minimum price of 80€. The vaperatto's will have to do for now. I'll save the gondola ride for when I come back with the love of my life. Let's just call that an excuse to come back :)

It's an early night for me since I'll be up with the sun. I not only want to wander the streets & take some photographs of the city without people roaming them but I want to get to the museums before the crowd wakes up. A Dali exhibit is in town - YES! - so I'll be checking that out along with a few others.

Night all!

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