Wednesday, May 23, 2012

8PM - Florence : Day 14

I spent the day at the Uffizi and Accademia Galleries while also checking out another DaVinci exhibit, the gelato festival, and an open street market.

It was a full day!

Even though I had pre-booked my tickets to both galleries, there was still a small line to get in and once in, it was VERY crowded. As much as I hate crowds, I took my time and eventually, with a little patience, I did get up close and personal with Botticelli's Birth of Venus and Michelangelo's David. I think I gasped when I saw both. Wow! Incredible.

How can one complain about crowds when you're in these galleries seeing pieces of work some can only dream of seeing?!

There was one that made it a point to complain. When the coat check person refused to check a lady's bag, she argued. When her bag continued to be refused, she complained the entire time we were waiting to get in about how ridiculous it was, how disorganized it was, how stupid the whole thing was, and that she just wanted to go home. I was going to say something but I didn't want a confrontation with an ungrateful person ruin my good time.

Then I began to think about how North American's are so used to being catered to and pleased that it's probably a shock when they come here and they don't get waited on hand and foot. I have to admit it was a slight shock for me when I asked for directions, complained about my WiFi, or ordered food, and received a cold, abrupt response. Their curtness came across as aggressive and rude but I then began to realize, it's just their way. This also rings true for the cities themselves, the art, the architecture; It just is what it is. Like it or leave it.

I have a friend who uses this phrase quite frequently and I could never quite grasp how one could be so accepting and carefree in their thinking. (Insert control freak going mental here) Seeing it in context though, I can now understand his point of view.

If something "is what it is", you most likely you can't change it so you have to adjust how you view, think, or react to it. Like the ungrateful lady, her unchecked bag possibly ruined her day. Maybe even her trip. Had she chose to react differently, that one insignificant moment wouldn't have got in the way of the significant one - seeing the art work she travelled so far to see.

Two weeks into the trip, it would be easy for me to express my exhaustion, my sun burned skin, and my tired old soles but I know those things are minor and temporary. I am only here for a short while longer and I'm not gonna let those temporary things get in the way of the things that are going to be long-lasting and meaningful. So off I go for a nice relaxing dinner to soak up a little bit more of Florence in one of the piazza's.

Until tomorrow...buona notte.

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