Monday, May 14, 2012

9AM - Barcelona : Day 5

Just arrived in Barcelona after a 12-hour night train and found a Starbucks to hang at while I wait to check in. Silly to travel all the way to Europe to sit at a Starbucks. But hey, the WiFi is guaranteed so gotta love 'em for that.

My train ride was fabulous. I highly recommend train travel through Europe. I was able to watch the sunset on the French countryside while enjoying a 3-course meal - FREE. Had a full bathroom with shower and a free breakfast this morning. No wonder my ticket was so expensive! I was travelling in style and didn't even know it. The waiters and train staff were extremely accommodating and sweet. My sleep wasn't the greatest but I got a few winks in which is enough to keep me going.

I found my hotel much easier than the first hotel and the metro (as well as the streets) are a little more straight forward than in Paris too so now that I've "survived the Paris Metro", I feel I can survive this one too.

Walking around a bit, I'm already inspired and excited! My hotel feels like a modernized church with marble, funky dome chairs in the entrance, spiraling stair case, and wrought iron detailing everywhere. I'm looking forward to seeing what my room has in store for me. The staff there are fabulous and extremely sweet. A far cry from the pretentiousness of the Paris folk.

I didn't have any fixed plans while in Barcelona except to see the Gothic Quarter and all that the Ramblas has to offer so we'll see where I end up.

Buenos días!

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