Friday, May 18, 2012

9PM - Milan : Day 9

If I were to describe Milan as a person it would be a well-dressed business man in a very expensive suit who takes life too seriously, is all work and no play. Strictly nose to the grindstone.

And to me, this is boring.

So as much as I hate to admit it, Milan isn't a city that I will be returning to. It has been less inspiring than the other cities I've visited thus far. I've spent a lot of time "filling time" browsing the shops for items I couldn't afford, going to the Castello Sforzesco, eating gelato in front of the Cathedral, sketching, writing in my journal, and doing a lot of people watching. I haven't found much to photograph that truly sparked my interest so my camera got a bit of a break. Having said that though, I still appreciated what Milan had to offer.

This evening I viewed the Last Supper. We only had 15 minutes and I spent every moment of that soaking it all in. It was larger than I expected. Needless to say I felt honoured to be standing in front of it, seeing it with my own two eyes. Absolutely incredible.

In a million years, I never thought I'd be seeing something that I only saw in books and studied in school - just like the Mona Lisa and other important works I've seen. I left with a smile on my face which nothing could have erased. It was a combination of pride and a wonderment of what else life has in store for me. Seeing these masterpieces in person was always a pipe dream for me which I never thought would be realized. Now after seeing these pieces in person and knowing it is possible, I am curious to know what else is?

I celebrated with a glass of Italian red wine, a dish of cannelloni, and of course, a cappuccino for dessert. As I sat and ate, I smiled with hope and excitement.

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