Friday, March 9, 2012

And so it begins...

Well, the countdown begins - 2 months until I take off for Europe - and I couldn't be more excited.

I won't lie, there's an underlying nervousness just beneath all the euphoric feelings that have come with planning a big solo trip like this. Delving into the unknown can be just as thrilling as it is scary but luckily my desire to take this trip, has outweighed my fear. And those nerves don't stick around long when I start to think of all the things I plan to see & do - and hopefully discover along the way.

This trip was always something I aspired to do but I was never sure when I'd ever get the chance to go or how I'd even get there. I was daunted by the details so I put the dream on the shelf and continued to hope of one day seeing the art that I learned about in school and immersing myself in the history and cultures.

Interestingly enough, 6-months ago, life forced me in a direction I didn't plan on going but I refused to let the Universe's plan define me or my new future. I was going to make the most of this moment while it was still present and do something significant - because this moment, too, will change and pass. That is when the dream started becoming a "near-future" reality.

Maybe it was kismet that this trip happened when it did. Had I done this in my 20's, I wouldn't have had the same appreciation for the sights that await. Had I continued to feel like I had life all figured out, I may have never felt the need to venture out and find myself.

From the Eiffel Tower & the Louvre; From the Gothic Quarter & Ramblas; From the Last Supper to the Uffizzi Gallery; And from the Sistine Chapel to the Colosseum; Great adventure awaits. This trip is where I hope to find a little inspiration, a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and to discover a new direction and life purpose.

My first purchase for the trip will be a handmade travel journal in which I plan to write in from cafes and river-sides, hoping to capture the spirit of my travels - along with receipts, sketches, and a signature or two from the people I meet along the way. A great travel companion for a trip of a lifetime.

I will also be blogging (when I can) right here so that I can share my experiences with those back home.

May 9th is when I leave with my first stop being Amsterdam - for a short layover - and then on to my first official stop - Paris!
Stay tuned for more updates as the trip gets closer.