Monday, March 12, 2012

The Plan Takes Shape

So originally, my plan was to just book flights and worry about everything else when I got there. I was feeling euphoric, adventurous, even a little reckless. I thought, what the hell?! I had nothing to lose and a huge experiences to gain in doing so. I mean sleeping in a train station is all THAT bad, right?

Earth to Amanda!

After a little more thought, I came down from the clouds and realized I had a lot to learn about this unchartered territory. Co-workers of mine had gone to Europe and I was overwhelmed with their experiences. Planning seemed to be imperative to having a truly fulfilling (and stress-free) experience so it was time to get a little more logical in my thinking.

One co-worker lent me a few guide books as well as some local maps and I also picked up a book of my own to help educate me on the in's and out's of travelling to Europe. After reading the guide books, my original plan would have meant me missing out on some fabulous and awe-inspiring attractions like the Last Supper - for example. Art of this magnitude is required to be booked atleast a month in advance due to the demand. What a blessing that I came to my senses and booked in advance!

These books also talked about lining up to get into galleries and museums. It would be an awful shame to spend my whole vacation in line so I decided to book some of the other attractions I really wanted to see, before I left on my trip - like the Uffizi Gallery, the Sistine Chapel, even the Eiffel Tower. This will guarantee my entry and allow me to bypass all those big lineups.

So far, this new plan is shaping up to be a nice balance of whimsy and structure. It will grant me access to some of the greatest art pieces and structures in Europe while also leaving room for the unexpected and unexplored.

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