Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gone Fishin'

With 3 weeks left to go until take-off, I feel all that is left to do is twiddle my thumbs and watch the clock. Patience and timing are really front and centre right now and yes, it's killing me. The impatient side of me just wants to go already while the patient side wants to enjoy the next few weeks of finalizing plans, sharing my plans with others, checking things off the To Do list, packing, and preparing for the big day. It's all a matter of time now!

Maybe that's why I can't even piece together a decent blog post for you all. My head is already in vacation mode.

When I started this blog, my unwritten rule was to blog once a week leading up to the trip, then blog more frequently when I actually got to Europe. For some reason though, I just haven't been inspired by anything. I've been writing since Sunday, fishing for something interesting to write about and...look...nuthin'.

In the world of blogging, they say you should write something of "superior quality" even if it means writing, re-writing, and waiting to post it as opposed to writing & posting crap. But you know what...screw that! I'm tired of being governed by "should's" so I'm gonna make my own rule - write what's true and real as opposed to only writing about the best and most exciting parts. No editing allowed!

After all, what's the point of sharing the experience if I can't share it ALL.
So here's a whole lotta nuthin'...and a whole lot of waiting....

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