Monday, April 9, 2012

The Curiosity Coin Toss

Being curious can open up the door to an unlimited amount of knowledge, success, and happiness. It can also bring about great disappointment, embarrassment, and failure. Hence why we sometimes don't even choose to exercise the thought. It's a coin toss!

The big question is whether or not you let that fear of the unknown prevent you from even tossing that coin.

In recent months (this trip aside), I've been getting more and more curious about life and experimenting (responsibly of course!). These "experiments" include being more spontaneous or saying yes to more activities/events, eating new foods I've never tried before, exploring different places in the city, and even opening up my life, my home, and myself to new people. None of it, though, came without fear. Sitting 4 weeks away from my trip, I get butterflies as much as I get the sweats but there's a trick to making the fear take a back seat.

Someone once told me that in order to free yourself from being held back by fear, you have to put on your bravest face, get curious, and experiment with the possibilities. Of course with that comes great vulnerability, a feeling that most (including myself) aren't 100% comfortable with, but that's quite alright as it's part of the process and the excitement of it all.

A great Seinfeld moment comes to mind...

Who would have thought life could be summed up so simply...
Good ole Seinfeld!

By replacing that fear of the unknown with curiosity, it can be quite fulfilling and even gain some surprising results. But first you have to get curious and choose to flip that coin. See what happens if you do something a little differently or outside of the comfort zone.

Oh and don't forget to report back :)

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